How to Specialize in 1 Stock?

Sometimes it is better to specialize in one stock that you follow the whole year. The reason for that is to understand how it moves.
When you get a feeling about that you just use my criteria used in training 2 ( how to search for stocks using stock screener ) and 13 ( how to buy
a stock from the support line). It will work and make your money easily. You cna also make a list of stocks that you like and follow them.
When a stock meets the criteria and get a signal you just buy it, put a stop loss for protection and wait few days.
If the stock moves your way. Voila you have already made money.

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How My Exit Point Saved My Trade and Profits?

When you get so much profits, there should be an exit point to sell.
A lot of you guys buy stocks and leave them by their own without any protection. There comes a day
where you get hit by a bad day. In order to protect your profits, you should always follow your trade
and profit with an exit point to sell. This can be any price you decide. But if you are interested
to know my way to follow a stock please check training level 7 how to follow an uptrend.
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