TATER’S GUIDE TO EARLY RETIREMENT: The Real-Life Story of how an Auto Mechanic Achieved Financial Freedom, and how You Can Too!

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Tater’s Guide to Early Retirement is my story in business, investments, and life. My hope is that you find parts of this book moving, parts of it amusing, and parts of it helpful in developing your personal plan to become financially free. As a business owner and manager for many years, I offer observations and recommendations on how to plan for success in your work life, your home life, as well as your investments. Through personal stories and life events, I share the story of how I achieved financial freedom at age 58, and lay out the principles and plan to help you achieve your financial and life goals. My hope is that this book gives you some ideas of where to start on your journey. “Financial Freedom is having enough resources to do what you want to do when you want to do it, and give what you want to give when you want to give it.”- Mike ‘Tater’ Lewis. / All proceeds from this book will support AHBZ House of Hope Girl’s Orphanage in Haiti, CEF Mission work in Southern India, and Kids to Christ Children’s ministry in the Dominican Republic.

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