Tax Sales Overages Overflow: How to Leverage U.S. Real Estate Tax Sales for Profit Using the G.F.F. METHOD™ (Get. Find. File.)

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(as of May 05,2021 01:51:50 UTC – Details)

Tax sales overages is a significantly under-utilized niche in the U.S. real estate market. Studies show there are approximately 3,000 homes lost to a tax foreclosure every single day, which produces more than $14 million dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY to be claimed. KIM The Legacy Creator has systematized the process to collect overages from multiple states and counties. This primer will give you the basics of her signature G.F.F. METHOD™ – GET. FIND. FILE. a simple three step process to collecting your first overages check.Real estate is the surest way to become a millionaire, primarily, because of all the creative methods that exists. The tax sales overages business is one that is, virtually, untapped with lots of room for everyone who is interested mastering the G.F.F. METHOD™.

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