Templeton Safes Large Depository Safe with Electronic Keypad Combination with Key Backup, 1.4 CBF

Price: $399.99
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Product Description

Templeton Safes LogoTempleton Safes Logo

T863 Panel 1T863 Panel 1

Two Sizes to Fit Any SpaceTwo Sizes to Fit Any Space

Templeton Safes 1.12 & 1.4 Cubic Feet of Storage Space

Digital Keypad Safe with Multi User Electronic Keypad and Key Backup

Templeton Safes are made using heavy-duty and drill-resistant hardened steel. The large storage area offers you ample space to store almost anything of your choice like gems, jewelry, documents, cash, photos, etc. This drop-box comes to you in classic black color with a textured surface making it look sleek and secure.

This high-security safe comes with a triple bolt action locking mechanism and, an anti-fishing deposit drawer makes it safe against any theft or tampering, making it perfect for homes, businesses, banks, restaurants, retail stores, etc.


Solid Steel Design

3 Steel Locking Bolts, Reinforced Pry Proof Hinges

Hinged Deposit Slot with Anti-Fishing Security

Up to 6 User Codes Can Be Stored

Time-Delay Function Available

Lockout Mode for Wrong Code Entry

Anti-Fishing Drop Compartment

Mount to Floor or Wall with Included Hardware and Instructions

Anti-Theft Drop DrawerAnti-Theft Drop Drawer

Anti-Theft and Anti-Fishing Drop Drawer Technology

Comes fitted with a hinged drop door making it easy to drop your valuables but impossible to access the locker contents.

Digital Multi-User Electronic Combination LockDigital Multi-User Electronic Combination Lock

Digital Electronic Combination Lock Supports Up to 6 Users

Our depository safes feature an innovative locking system that allows up to 6 safe user codes, has an optional dual user function (two different users need to enter their codes to open the safe). Backup keyed lock means you’ll always have access to your safe.

3 Steel Deadbolts for Maximum Security3 Steel Deadbolts for Maximum Security

3 Solid-Steel Deadbolts

The set of 3 steel deadbolts ensure that the safe door can only be opened when a correct User Code is utilized.

Provided backup keys allow for emergency accessProvided backup keys allow for emergency access

Backup Access Keys Included

Templeton Safes come with a hidden backup traditional lock that can be used in case of emergency using the included keys.

Safely secure your cash and valuables with our innovative safe designsSafely secure your cash and valuables with our innovative safe designs

Two Sizes to suit your needsTwo Sizes to suit your needs

Dimensions (LxWxH)

14 x 14 x 27

14 x 14 x 14

14 x 14 x 28

20 x 20 x 30

14 x 14 x 28

Lock Type

Electronic Multi User (6 User Max)

Electronic Multi User (6 User Max)

Electronic Multi User (6 User Max)

Dual Electronic Multi User (6 User Max Each Lock)

UL Listed Combination Lock Keyed Independent Lockbox Inside

No. of Bolts






Back Up Key Access

Additional Separate Lock Box

Cubic Feet of Storage

1.4 CBF

1.12 CBF

1.5 CBF

3.6 CBF

1.4 CBF

Hardened Steel

Includes Mounting Hardware

Model Number






DIGITAL COMBINATION LOCK: Allowing up to 6 different digital user codes, this safe is perfect for offices and small businesses that may have multiple key holders or managers that need access, giving each their own individual codes
DURABLE: This thick steel safe with a triple bolt action locking mechanism and anti-fishing deposit drawer makes it safe against any theft or tampering
SLEEK APPEARANCE: With the textured, black finish this safe will look good in any office, public space or retail environment
SUFFICIENT SPACE: This drop box provides a generous amount of space for storing large bills, cash deposit folders, small valuables, and much more. The drop drawer allows for end of shift staff to just drop their deposits in without accessing the rest of the contents.
PEACE OF MIND: Strong and hardened construction means this safe was built to last, and our US Based Technical Support Team is here to make sure your safe operates trouble free for years to come!

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