That Rule Doesn’t Apply to Me! (Responsible Me!)

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Learning rules is tough, and following rules is even tougher! Does your child think he is exempt from rules?

Or does she have an excuse about why she doesn’t need to follow the rules? Noodle sure does!

Noodle is having a rough couple of days. The rules keep getting in the way of his fun! Rules for this and rules for that. There are so many rules – too many rules!

Rules stink!

Noodle struggles because he doesn’t think rules actually apply to HIM! Can’t he just have a rule-free day? Author Julia Cook’s very popular book in the Responsible Me! series will have readers in stitches as Noodle describes all of rules he deals with daily.

Will Noodle’s mother and teacher convince him that rules are meant to help, not harm, him?

Whether you are a parent, counselor, therapist, teacher, psychologist, or just someone who spends a lot of time with kids and wants to teach them manners, this book is here to help!

This book makes a great gift for children with behavioral disorders or boys and girls who might feel they are above the law. It’s also a great tool for teaching children ages 7 through 10 important values, like how to respect themselves, respect others, and respect property, and that there really are benefits to having rules!

The whole Noodle series of children’s books is great for teaching social-emotional learning, and how to manage emotions and regulate behavior.

From the Publisher

That RuleThat Rule

Here’s a tip you may find helpful!

It’s ok to have conversations with your children about opinions and desires regarding rules. After listening to what your child has to say, empathize with them, yet continue to steer them in the right direction.

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