The 7 Levels of Digital Products and Services: Active and Passive Income Spinners

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This book is borne out my discovery of how "structured" yet "unstructured" the Internet Marketplace may look like on the surface. Every day we are bombarded with all kinds of Digital Products and Services via unsolicited ads, email Marketing, Solo ads or even word of mouth.

You can either plug into the Digital Economy as a Consumer or Producer. My approach in this book is to present the Business of Digital Products and Services in a beginner-friendly and result-based approach.

I have sprinkled 20 practical case studies across the 8 Chapters of the books to make the book a 3-dimensional experience for my readers. The casestudies are stories of real Internet Entrepreneurs who have turned their Businesses around by plugging into the appropriate Digital Marketplace using the strategies in this book.

Another feature of this book is about 30 frequently asked questions and answers for beginners. I also included the pros and cons to consider before delving into any of the Digital Products and Services.

Whether you’re are Beginner or a Veteran, there is a Chapter for you to reinvent your Business. My bet is that before you flip to the last page of this book, you will catch a great idea or two for your Business.

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