THE ACCELERATED SAVER INVESTOR PATHWAY TO WEALTH: A powerful new rapid wealth building system for average income earners maximizing gains from COMPOUND INTEREST and INDEX FUND investment.

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Can you afford not to read this book? Build $2-5m Independent Income & Retirement Funds from average salaries:



We live in the richest, most abundant, era of human history. Yet in 2021 so many employees live from paycheck to paycheck – this book shows you how to avoid this and achieve financial independence with assets, not just labour, based income.

Alexandre Lawrence has made a most impressive debut with his first nonfiction book The AcceleratedSaver Investor Pathway to Wealth: A powerful new rapid wealth-building system for average income earners.

Oxford University graduate Lawrence has issued a powerful call to action for greater efficiency with earning, spending, saving and investing to show how you can relatively easily, with a few minor tweaks, save up to 20% of income so as to capitalize on ‘the magic of compound growth’.

The basic message is hit the savings hard and early and then maximize the returns with all market Index Funds returning 10%+ yearly – so the `IndependentIncome and Retirement Fund` deposits can be accelerated at both saving and investing stages.

Lawrence shows how average wage earners not just highly paid professionals can adopt his system – backed up by a great blue-collar example in Chapter 5 where the factory workers went from zero saving rates to just under 20% with accelerated saving.

Millennial’s and GenXer`s will love the extensive links to social media case studies and the free budget and wealth listing APPs to digitalize the books saving, spending, and investing system.

More a book for novices and intermediates than experts although any wealth-building aspirant will enjoy the concise and elegant prose and stunning graphics, that push out the boundaries of nonfiction books to include the same illustrative colour charts, memes and images, more usual in glossy entrepreneur magazines – all of which display perfectly in the free online KINDLE reader.

This book:

  • Gives you unique insight into the cash management and investment wisdom of the world’s best wealth builders which are combined into Lawrence’s integrated four plan, four strategies, accelerated saver investor system
  • Enables you to increase your income with numerous links to home-based online jobs and share economy job agencies.
  • Shows you how to automate saving and comfortably reduce spending – so you can more easily achieve that ‘ideal’ 20% monthly saving rate.
  • Teaches you how to maximize your income from savings so for every $1 you save compound interest,‘correctly harnessed,’ can give you another $9.
  • Provides precise, step by step, action plans at the end of each chapter so the accelerated saving and investing theory can be put into immediate practice.
  • Teaches how to finetune wealth accumulation from average monthly income to build up an independent income, early retirement, fund of $2-5m.

An investment of $2,99 in this 2021 2nd edition, fast and efficient, money managment and wealth building blueprint will enable the best investment return possible – a $2-5 lifetime Independent Income Fund – simply by systematizing saving and investing from an average sized U.S. household income.

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