The Art of Focus: 3 Easy Steps to Build A Life You Love and Control Your Time

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Are you tired of hearing all the “gurus” say follow your passion while trying to sell you a $4,000 course to show you how?
Are you in the spot where you need income now and your “passion” doesn’t pay the bills? The fridge box is supposed to be a toy for the kids, not a viable shelter from the rain!
I sat in the same spot for years. Listening to Tony Robbins or Seth Godin or whatever guru was the hottest thing on the block tell me to follow my passion. I’d look at my daily life, with kids and a wife and bills to pay and laugh as they told me to go with my passion. My passion didn’t pay the bills. It didn’t put figure skates on my kid, or send them to camp for the summer. I didn’t buy new shoes or fix the car.
You’ve been in that spot. Knowing you have good ideas inside, but not being able to spend time on them. Knowing that you can provide value to customers, but not finding them. Knowing you should be spending time with your family instead of working yet another weekend.
When I looked up and saw this in myself I started on a quest to figure out how to build the life I wanted to live, while paying the bills day in day out.
That’s what The Art of Focus is about. The exact systems I used to turn things in the direction I wanted. The tools my wife and I used to get on the same page. The ways I tested traction with my ideas and constructed my working environment so I could provide huge value. The Art of Focus will show you:

  • How know where you want to go so you don’t get derailed by some hot idea
  • How to get control of your time again so you can work on the things you love, even if you’re in a traditional job
  • How to test your ideas in the market to see which one is the most likely to change your life
  • How to bring your spouse/partner on board so that you aren’t fighting a battle at home and at work

Follow the advice in The Art of focus and you’ll have a plan you can execute to build the life you’ve dreamed. You’ll be stepping towards earning the income you want, while having time to do the things you love.
I don’t trade in theories, this is the action plan I’ve used to reclaim my time and turn a corner on feeling overwhelmed.
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