The Good Stuff Water and Fireproof Pouch (2000℉) – Protect Money, Passports, and Documents with a Fireproof Money Bag for Cash, Safe Money Storage Bags Fire Proof Waterproof

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(as of Apr 06,2021 18:04:13 UTC – Details)

Are you concerned that a flood, or fire could destroy all your important documents?
Would you like to protect your passport, tickets, and travel money, when relaxing at the beach?
Are you worried that your safe won’t keep your papers safe against the elements?
This Water and Fireproof Document Wallet is the answer. Designed to protect documents, cash, passports and papers from fire, and flood! It will keep your irreplaceable, and valuable documents safe and secure. DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY LIFE
Unlike other fireproof bags, we designed this fire resistant bag for everyday usage, capable of A4 papers, so choose The Good Stuff, because you don’t want to be stuck with a document protector that isn’t up to the job 😉 DESIGNED TO TRAVEL
Whether keeping documents fire and rain safe at home, or on the go, The Good Stuff Document Protector Pouch is perfect for the job. Your travel documents are protected from rain, sand, fires, and splashes! FIRE AND WATERPROOF
Designed to keep your documents safe through fire and water jets, these fire-safe bags combine a waterproof silicon outer, with double-layered fireproof fibreglass for the ultimate protection! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
We are so confident that you’ll love the peace of mind these Fireproof Document Storage Bags provide, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee! Just contact us for a hassle free, FULL REFUND, if you aren’t totally satisfied. So click add to cart now, because your important documents should be protected!

Protect Your Money from Natural Disasters!
Easy to grab and go, fireproof money bag for cash protects your dollars!
Protect Important Documents from Fire and Flood
Don’t Risk Losing Your Important Documents – Grab one of out fireproof pouches today and start protecting your passports, birth certificates, cash, contracts…
Fireproof to 2000℉ – An average house fire burns between 1500℉ to 1800℉. Choose the fireproof bag for cash that works!
Waterproof Silicone Coating – Protect your documents from sprinkler systems, hoses, and water damage!
13″ x 10″ Fireproof Pouch – Designed to keep your cash, cheque books, cards, and papers safe!
Skin Safe Lining – Choose the fireproof money pouch that won’t make you itch!

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