The Investment Panel: How To Reduce Taxes & Invest in Cryptocurrencies (The Capitalism Conference)

What are you going to invest your money in over the next 24-to-36 months? How can you reduce your tax burden?

We recorded our awesome Investor Panel from the past Capitalism Conference to help you answer these questions and more. You have to listen to this great talk, filled with wealth-growing and cash-saving opinions (some of them contradictory, which happens in a panel!) that you may be able to act on right now.

DISCLAIMER: None of this material here is formal investment advice. Make sure you talk to a professional investment advisor before making any decisions about where to invest your wealth.

Ryan’s not too keen on cryptocurrencies, but the panel as a whole believes they are revolutionary. There’s been an incredible growth in the value of Bitcoin over the past few years, with some of our elite panelists seeing further surges in value to come.

NOTE: This was recorded in December of 2017. You be the judge on how some of these crypto predictions have stood the test of time.

While Ryan’s not convinced that cryptocurrencies will continue to appreciate as holders of value, the panel was unanimous in its belief that it will change the world. Many industries will benefit greatly from the reduction in transaction costs, and credit agencies could even use blockchain technology as a personal identity system.

Puerto Rican business entities can be a great way to reduce your tax burden. Puerto Rico offers compelling tax advantages over other tax shelters to park your wealth. Make sure you look into all the relevant rules with an advisor, since there are a number of restrictions and obligations you will have to address to best harness the territory for investing your wealth.

Watch out for climbing interest rates. The panel expects interest rates to go up over the next 24-to-36 months. This has prompted a number of investors to transition towards more liquidity and into areas that are expected to grow in a recession; for example, real estate investors switching to investments in mobile home parks.

We hope you found this talk entertaining and useful.

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