The Main Causes Behind Wage Slavery, How To Escape Wage Slavery, And How To Make Substantial Money Online Without Being A Wage Slave

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This essay sheds light on the main causes behind wage slavery and elucidates how to escape wage slavery through entrepreneurial endeavors. Moreover, how to make substantial money online through brand building and creating income generating assets without being a wage slave is delineated in this essay. In the digital era, wage slavery is more prevalent than anytime in history. This calamity has been precipitated due to a myriad of reasons that have ultimately contributed to profusely eviscerating individuals out of both their sacrosanct time and hard earned infinitesimal wealth. It is no mystery why wage slavery has become rampant in the digital era in which the cost of living is at an all time high and real wages adjusted for inflation are contrastingly at an all time low. With over 13,000 evisceration fees imposed by bureaucratic apparatuses that incessantly drain the individual’s wealth, the insalubrious k-12 13 year compulsory indoctrination camps having already siphoned the individual out of thousands of hours of their sacrosanct time needed to create income generating assets, and the cost of living continuing to amplify to an unprecedented height while the non-sustenance minimum wages for dead end jobs perpetually loose purchasing power every day, it ultimately creates a recipe for perpetual wage slavery, agony, distress, and destitution. This issue of wage slavery has become all the more exacerbated since the fixed amount of fiat currency the wage slave receives does not even provide them with any semblance of a sustenance wage. The disparities in wealth are astronomical to the point in which a small cohort of 8 people have more wealth than 60% of the entire aggregate population. Moreover, it is not uncommon for the average CEO to earn at least 40,0000% more per year than his average employee which means he earns more in one day loafing around than his wage slave employee will earn in an entire year from laboriously trudging away to subsidize the CEO’s jets, yachts, trust funds, exotic vacations, and accoutrements of the higher life from the fruits of his labor just to receive a pittance of a fixed amount of fiat currency from a dead-end, minimum wage, unfulfilling, dispiriting job that does not even offer a sustenance wage for even affording ramshackle housing. Unlike in the 1950s in which the CEO may have earned 1500% more per year than their average employee, the disparities in wealth have become so enormous that when dollars are adjusted for inflation, it means that the CEOs are earning far more in a couple week in the digital era than they would have received working the entirety of the year amid the 1950s. The disparities in wealth are not the main drivers behind wage slavery since CEOs have created jobs for hundreds of millions of jobs even though they only offer a negligible amount of revenue to employers. Some people provide substantially more economic value than others and should be able to reap the fruits of their labor commensurate to the amount of economic value they provide others. Out of sheer and utter desperation to immediately attain some semblance of sustenance, prospective wage slaves will concede to being exploited as capital livestock by employers since they will agree to work for a pittance of a fixed amount of fiat currency from a dead-end, minimum wage, unfulfilling, dispiriting job that just provides them with enough income afford to buy groceries and have very little money remaining to buy anything else beyond food product from the discount grocery store. Since these highly time consuming, dead-end, minimum wage, unfulfilling, dispiriting job just offer enough money buying groceries without even being able to afford housing, it keeps the wage slaved entrapped in an inextricable position of poverty and causes them to reach and impasse with no foreseeable way out since food is not free to access and the wage salve does not have a modicum of leverage nor negotiating power.

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