The Miracle Of Rebrandable Ebooks

I first discovered rebrandable, or viral ebooks about four years ago when I joined Site Sells affiliate program. All of Site Sells affiliate programs could be promoted by rebranding one of their “Masters Courses” and then passing that course on to prospects. A rebrandable ebook (for those not in know) is any ebook that can be recreated and sold with your own affiliate links. By creating a rebrandable ebook you give all of your resellers a powerful incentive to sell your ebook because they can now earn backend revenue or sell the rebranding rights to other who resellers who can then do the same and so on and so on. This process causes your ebook to spread from one person to another just like a virus; hence the name “viral ebook.” As the original creator of the viral ebook you then earn money by either owning the products that are being recommended within the ebook or by keeping a few of the affiliate links for yourself.

Up until very recently creating rebrandable ebooks was only possible with .exe files and even then it was only available to Internet marketers with big budgets. Amazingly, there is now a relatively inexpensive software called Viral PDF that allows you to create your very own viral ebooks. Viral PDF software will help a webmaster or internet marketer to create re-brandable links within e-books or reports, and therefore promote affiliate programs, websites or company information and contact details. I have found that the software is extraordinarily easy to use and lets you decide which links inside get to be branded and which ones can not. Viral PDF rebrands Open Office PDFs like a five star chef makes toast effortlessly. Viral PDF has no problem rebranding 40 bit, or even 128 bit encryption. Easy “click and point” setup only takes a few minutes to get started. Believe me, I will never run another viral marketing campaign without using Viral PDF.

Getting traffic with Viral eBooks is a “free traffic tactic”, which means you’re not paying for advertising. My affiliates are absolutely thrilled that they can customize my PDF eBook to drive traffic and increase their sales. This adds up to free traffic and sales for me. A well written viral ebook can make a one time effort earn you money while you sleep. Viral marketing is the most cost effective type of advertising because you can spread information about your website or affiliate links everyday without paying for advertising. Promoting products through viral PDF ebooks is a proven strategy used by many of the best online marketers. It’s damn easy to convince an army of marketers to promote your Viral ebook and only a single person needs to get a hold of your Viral ebook to get the ball rolling. So, when you could spend $10,000’s on Google Ads, $1000’s on Traffic Secrets, you could get similar or even better results by spending $97 on a copy of Viral PDF.

Viral PDF currently has a few, lower priced competitors like Turbo PDF and Internet Renegade that are also easy to use and will do pretty much the same thing as Viral PDF. There are two major differences though. First, once you start creating rebrandable ebooks with Viral PDF you automatically start promoting their affiliate program within the rebranding tool your resellers will use to create their PDF’s. Talk about easy money. Secondly, Viral PDF allows you to designate as rebrandable ANYTHING contained within the PDF. This means that your resellers and affiliates can insert their name, website, and email address on your ebook allowing them to sell your ebook as if it were theirs. If you really want to maximize your sales potential and leverage your one time efforts into a lifetime steam of income, then you absolutely have to get a copy of Viral PDF.

Source by Zachary Skinner

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