The Mystery Shopping Queen’s Guide To Getting Hired as a Mystery Shopper: How To Sign Up and Register as a Mystery Shopper and Get Regular, Paid Work

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This guide will help you get regular, paid work as a mystery shopper. I occasionally take on unpaid assignments but only for one or two companies. The assignments are usually an expensive meal out; somewhere I probably would not have visited otherwise as it was out of my price bracket or weekly grocery shopping. The return is usually about 50 – 60 euro worth of free groceries or a meal out for two with wine, in return for my time and effort.
If you are completely new to mystery shopping, you may find my first guide “How to be a Successful Mystery Shopper in Ireland: Learn how to increase your income by getting paid to shop and eat out – stories from an Irish mystery shopper”, helpful.
Even if you are an established mystery shopper, this short guide will help you to improve your chances of getting more jobs and better paid jobs. Remember, time is money, use your time wisely, strategically and remember that the fee paid for the assignment should be a rough reflection of the amount of time it should take to complete. Place a high value on your time and others will do the same.
I am constantly updating and revising these guides. I keep them very short, quite deliberately. Like I said, time is money and I have summarized the most important points into these pages.
This guide is pretty short but its straightforward and to the point.


Mystery Shopping Queen was born and lives in Dublin, Ireland. She has over 15 years’ in mystery shopping experience. She now trains and recruits new shoppers as well as continuing to mystery shop. After a "temporary" career break about 8 years ago, which was supposed to last a year, she found herself as a full time mystery shopper and loving it!

She is a silver certified shopper with the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. She also holds a BSc and an MSc (Hons) that make absolutely no difference to her mystery shopping career but prove that she has a brain.

She is able to work her own hours, take care of her family and not have to negotiate with anyone for time off.
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