The One and Only True Form of Passive Income

Passive Income – it seems to be the holy grail of making money online. It’s what everyone is seeking.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been making money online for going on 7 years or so and from day one I’ve been searching for this mystical passive income where I sit at home doing nothing and watch the money come rolling in.

In the back of my mind I always kind of knew this didn’t exist but everyday were hit in the face with Clickbank programs and gurus telling us about this magical software or program where for only $47 we can make 5k a week with no effort.

I’ve bought a few of these softwares and programs over the years, most notably the SAM or Super Affiliate Machine which promised to select a niche, write my content and rank it number one on Google. I was sadly disapointed and wound up getting my $47 refunded to me.

Though I’ve always kind of known this didn’t exist, I’ve always been a bit jealous that I really have to bust my but and grind for every penny I make while others allegedly sit on a beach in Thailand getting massages and watching money roll in.

Last night I watched an Alex Becker video where he compared trying to get into passive income to trying to lose weight by eating Arby’s all day and doing nothing. It’s just not going to happen.

He also kind of dispelled the myth that people are making huge money doing nothing and never having to adapt or change their business model and never having to put in work again, that just doesn’t exist.

Despite already knowing this it was nice to have it reinforced by someone such as Alex.

Hope you enjoy the video. If you want to check out the blog post I wrote you can read it at…

Also, if you want to check out Alex Beckers video you can do so at the link below…

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