The ONE Metric More Important Than Sales & Subscribers

The most important business metric lives in a box. Sure, there are lots of common metrics to track in your business, but there’s one uncommon thing I keep track of that helps me make sure I’m doing everything right and pushes me and the business forward even more.

Hint: it lives in a box.

Don’t get me wrong – sales, subscribers, traffic, followers, fans, churn, open rates, click through rates, lifetime value of a customer (LTV) are all important – however, when it comes to growing a successful business (if you define a successful business as one that helps people solve a pain or problem), then you’ll want to keep track of:

Thank you notes.

Seriously. If you shoot for thank you notes – something that people don’t just give away without a reason – all of the other numbers fall into place. More importantly, you’re creating a real connection with your customers or subscribers, which helps you future-proof your brand more than anything.

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