The Parable of the Pipeline Passive Income

Are you Pablo or are you Bruno?

The story of Pablo and Bruno in the “Parable of Pipelines” illustrated the differences between employee vs. entrepreneur/investors or active income from passive/residual income. Bruno, when he is still strong and young, used all his might to carry buckets per day. He did not believe on the proposal of Pablo who invested money, time and effort to achieve his dreams on building pipelines. Pablo uses his free time to achieve his goal (pipeline) even though the people are laughing at him.

As time passed by, Pablo’s pipelines grew longer and longer until it was finally completed while Bruno was doomed to carry buckets day in and day out for the rest of his life.

Building pipelines is full of twists, turns, obstacles, detours and challenges. We must be focused on what you want, invest time and effort, willingness to take risk, the desire to learn and do whatever it takes to reach your dreams as tomorrow’s dreams are built on today’s sacrifices.

Your pipelines are your lifelines. How about you, are you carrying buckets or building your pipelines?

Its our choice.

What is yours?

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