The Perfect Pie: Your Ultimate Guide to Classic and Modern Pies, Tarts, Galettes, and More (Perfect Baking Cookbooks)

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Get the dough rolling and perfect your pie-making skills to bake beautiful, foolproof versions of the corner bakery classics and French patisserie favorites–plus a host of whimsical, modern pies and tarts of all kinds like sky-high meringue pies, uniquely flavored fruit pies with intricate lattice-woven tops, and lush elegant tarts.

The Perfect Pie is the definitive guide to gorgeous pies and tarts. Maybe you want to master homespun pies that celebrate seasonal produce, or get creative with pastry-encased canvases for modern flavor profiles. No matter your pie preference, this collection will inspire you to bake. We’ve tested our way to the best techniques for building foolproof bakery-quality pies from the crust up: Learn how to create the flakiest pie crust from dough that’s a breeze to roll. Become the expert in classics like Sweet Cherry Pie and also wow with pies that show off interesting flavors like Blueberry Earl Grey Pie (tea is infused into the filling and an adorning glaze) or Browned Butter Butternut Squash Pie with Sage. Make meringues that don’t weep, or fruit filling for Deep-Dish Apple Pie that doesn’t shrink under the tall-standing top crust. Discover the world of tarts like Chocolate-Hazelnut Raspberry Mousse Tart with looks that deceive its simplicity (we top crispy store-bought puff pastry with a quick mousse), sleek sesame brittle-decorated Chocolate-Tahini Tart, and rustic galettes.

When you’re ready to up your game, learn to design intricate pie tops (think: braided edges for Pecan Pie; a herringbone lattice pattern for Ginger Plum Pie; creative cutouts for Apricot, Vanilla Bean, and Cardamom Pie; and candied peanut clusters for Peanut Butter and Concord Grape Pie), fashion pies big (slab pies for a crowd) and small (muffin tin pies, jar pies, and pie pops), and use ingredients you never thought to put in pie like husk cherries or rose water.

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Your Guide To The Perfect Pie

Flavor First, Foolproof Always.

pie chartpie chart

Don’t You Wish All Pie Charts Looked Like This?

We’ve packed The Perfect Pie book with 180+ foolproof recipes along with beautiful new photos for every pie and recipe step photos galore so you know exactly what to do, whether you’re whipping cream or meringue, making our easy pat-in-pan dough (no rolling!), or weaving an intricate lattice top crust.

This book goes beyond pies to tarts, galettes, pie pops, muffin tin pies, and crowd-pleasing slab pies. In addition to the best-tasting, easiest-to-make versions of everyone’s favorites, we feature new flavor combinations such as Blood Orange Chocolate Tart, Apricot Pie with Vanilla Bean and Cardamom, and Lavender Crème Brûlée Pie.

Let these flavors and different versions of pie inspire you. Bake away!

Find Pie-Baking Slightly Intimidating? Not Anymore.



Slicing a Pie

Slicing a Pie

Slab Pie

Slab Pie

Muffin Tin Pies

Muffin Tin Pies

How To Make a Lattice Pie Top

We know that baking pies can be intimidating, from finding the best way to cook (but not overcook) custards to weaving lattice tops, so we’ve devoted each chapter of The Perfect Pie to a different pie type or technique.

The First Slice Always Falls Apart

Make 3 slices cuts before slicing. The extra cut allows movement in the pie, making it easier tidily wiggle out the first piece. This book includes some of the best tips and innovative techniques from 25 years of test kitchen pie-baking discoveries and everything our grandmothers taught us.

Slab Pies

Slab Pies not only feed a crowd but travel well. Our Nectarine – Raspberry Slab Galette is a luscious sweet, tart with fruit that looks like stained glass framed by golden brown, melts-on-your-tongue pastry. Pure fruit flavor shines through (no thickener is needed, the juices evaporate as the pie bakes).

Muffin Tin Pies With a Double Dose of Flavor

Not every pie needs to be the same. Individual pies are just as satisfying!

Our Pear Rosemary Muffin Tin Pies

are mini, nutty, brown butter-walnut streusel-topped pies are filled with tender honey-like pears infused with fragrant, piney rosemary.

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