The Tech Intern Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide to Standing Out, Getting Paid, and Landing the World’s Most Lucrative Tech Internships

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You don’t have to be extremely smart to land a kickass tech internship at the world’s most selective companies. Or the most qualified. In fact, anyone can land a lucrative tech internship, even if you studied chemical engineering. By following Ray’s techniques and methodology, you will get your foot in the door, ace those interviews, and create experiences, friends, and a network that will last a lifetime. The downstream impacts of having an excellent internship will change your life. Whatever age you are, whether in high school, a freshman in university or a graduate student, doing what Ray says will shape your career path. He explains the best ways of getting the experience, putting together your resume and other materials, finding and applying, interviewing to impress, and ultimately, landing the world’s most lucrative tech internships. It is the blueprint for standing out, getting paid and landing in a world where the competition is stiff and the stakes are high. Packed with practical advice, useful resources, and wisdom from former internship veterans, this blueprint gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to be the best you can be and change your future for the better. Ray Parker is an internship veteran, with 6 different internships, and has had 200+ interviews and 30+ offers during his time in university. He has worked in a variety of different industries, such as management consulting, venture capital, pharmaceuticals and aerospace at companies such as NASA, Booz Allen, Orbital ATK, and Microsoft. Through trial and error, he learned the best techniques and skills to get where you want to be and succeed.

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