The Two Hundred Dollar Day

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(as of Jun 28,2021 01:34:02 UTC – Details)

Kevin Chamow has produced something exceedingly rare: a truly original piece of fiction. How to characterize this work? It is, among other things, a novel within a novel, an eerily realistic dystopia, a slapstick comedy, a hallucinatory voyage, a piece of proletariat propaganda, and an ode to fatherhood. The Two Hundred Dollar Day follows a day in the life of Travis — a recently separated, heavily indebted, traumatized, hemorrhoid-ridden Uber driver — as he struggles to keep his sanity and pride while earning enough money to provide for his newborn son. The reader enters the jagged terrain of Travis’ mind, a place teeming with violence, despair, and endless rationalizations. But for all its luridness, a strange beauty pervades Travis’ panoramic journey through the streets of Philadelphia. In the ‘transient confessional booth that had become his car’, people from all walks of life — criminals, artists, manual laborers, Uber employees — join Travis in baring their souls and attempting to find the humour in their personal, political, and cosmic predicaments.

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