The Ultimate Guide To Stencil: For Print On Demand, Merch By Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and More!

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The Ultimate Guide To Stencil will teach you everything that you need to know about using the web-based Stencil App to make incredible designs for print on demand platforms like Merch By Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

With over 20 chapters and 22 video demonstrations, this book can teach anyone just how easy it is to use Stencil to make great-looking designs for apparel items for Merch By Amazon and cover files for Kindle and paperback books through KDP.

Much more than just a ‘how-to’ guide for Stencil, this Ultimate Guide delves into the power of the Amazon marketplace and the importance of the Amazon Prime program.

Join the thousands of designers that are earning royalties on Amazon through their print-on-demand platforms by making your own designs with Stencil today!

Chapters include:

Introduction – The Ultimate Guide To Stencil

1 – What Is Stencil?

2 – What Is Print On Demand?

3 – What Is Merch By Amazon

4 – What Is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

5 – The Power of Amazon Prime

6 – Designing a T-Shirt (Merch By Amazon)

7 – Creating T-Shirt Mockups

8 – Designing a Hoodie (Merch By Amazon)

9 – Creating Hoodie Mockups

10 – Designing a PopSocket (Merch By Amazon)

11 – Creating PopSocket Mockups

12 – Designing a Phone Case (Merch By Amazon)

13 – Creating Phone Case Mockups

14 – Designing Kindle Covers (KDP)

15 – Creating Kindle Mockups

16 – Designing Paperback Book Covers (KDP)

17 – Creating Book Cover Mockups

BONUS 1: Stencil for Social Media

BONUS 2: Stencil’s Chrome Extension

BONUS 3: Other Print On Demand Sites

BONUS 4: What’s Next? Ready to Learn More? 

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