Timeless-supplies Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Plug in Repellent Indoor for Insects Rodent Mosquitoes Mice Spiders Ants Rats Cockroach Killer Humans and Pets Safe

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If you are concerned about pests in and around your home you are not alone. According to a recent consumer survey most people are concerned about insects within their home. It is easy to see why every year over 500000 Americans wind up in hospital emergency rooms suffering from insect bites and stings. If you have a pest control issue in your home ignoring it won’t make it go away. Once bugs and other pests find a safe place where they can live and breed, chances are they will multiply which can make a bad problem far worse. The best way to deal with an infestation is to see the problem for what it is. Easy to switch on and off how ever at night it is lights not very bright it also may emit the audible clicking sound. Timeless Supplies pest repellent covers up to 1800 feet with easy maintenance just wipe it down with a dry cloth. Recommended to plug in for every congested room garage storage etc. It is very good choice for allergies suffered totally safe around infant and kids. Be patient on with spiders they will go last but don’t worry it effects them as well. Very low energy consumption, might take up to 3 weeks for units to take effect. TimelessnSupplies pest repellent has very simple plug in design with the powerful and effective outcome. It deters pests from even entering inaudible to human ear and has no rodents to dispose of.

Upgraded Timeless-Supplies repellent with 3 watts speakers definitely the best bug repellent that make you forget about roaches or ant traps. This technology will take care of fly or cockroach as well as any rodent in your house.
Tests show that our Timeless-Supplies repeller powerful solution against many pests. The most after 3 weeks you will feel diverse in your indoor places.
Household pests are cannot adapt to the constantly changing array of ultrasonic signals emitted by the unit. The Timeless Supplies unit disrupts the pests nervous systems affecting their feeding and communication habits forcing them to leave the area.
Ultrasonic sounds, are nearly silent to humans and most animals; although its very annoying to indoor insects. Ultrasound cannot travel through walls or closed doors. The signal bounce off hard surfaces causing a ricochet effect that is intolerable condition for targeted pests.
The repellent can be most effective in the room up to 150 square meters.. The device directly plugged into AC power socket. Do not use strong solvents water or wet cloth to clean the device, pay attention to moister or waterproof. The use of ambient temperature no more then 40 degrees Celsius do not let the device to strong impact or fail. If the device pleased in the warehouse or with lots of piled goods area should be place a few more devices to increase the effectiveness.

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