Tips For Pay Per Click Publishers

A common way for blog owners and website publishers to earn money online is to put website advertising on their site. This article will examine methods of optimizing the income from online advertising for publishers.

Many beginners to the field of website and blog advertising put pay per click advertising on their websites, but very few of them experiment and attempt to optimize the income that can be generated from this PPC advertising. Most site owners place adverts in a column on the right hand side of their site and hope to earn money per click. The problem with this strategy is that web users don’t visit sites to look at the advertising, in fact they try their best to ignore parts of web pages where they expect adverts to appear such as the right hand side and areas at the top where banner ads appear. In order for publishers to earn money they should experiment with placing their adverts in less conventional areas of the page.

When you look at the advertising on blogs and websites you often find that they only place one advert on the web page. Compare this to the sites of well established bloggers where you will find large numbers of online ads in a variety of different locations on the page. Another tendency of the less experienced pay per click affiliate is to only place adverts on their most visited pages. By neglecting to place adverts on their entire site the advert publisher typically loses a significant percentage of income.

Source by Tom G West

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