Top Rated MT4 EA (Forward Tests)

There are many different expert agents that are advertised on the internet. There is a lot of questions though about which ones are going to provide better results. It is a gamble when you decide to use one of the many Forex expert advisors offered online but looking at results of what these have done will give you a little bit of insight to what you can expect when you try a specific one out. Results are not typical for each person but you can use the produced results to give yourself an estimation of what to expect from each program.

The absolute best program that shined with live results and tests was, hands down, Ivybot. It had an absolutely astounding number of 100% of the results being wins with a lot of trades conducted in those 2 weeks, 75 to be exact. That is almost 5 per day which were all profitable. The average profit was not as high as some of the other programs but it worked itself out because there were no losses to have to account for in calculations either. The trading profit averaged $28.26 for each transaction. The original investment on this account was $1,000 just like all the other tests that were done on the other robots. In the end, the gain in money was a whopping 211.98% of the original investment or $2,119.83 profit in 2 short weeks. The results for this expert agent don’t need any further explaining because they are directly in front of you to see the opportunities you can have by using this one.

Pip Brains is another program that many people wish to use and it has received many rave reviews. However, the live results only show that it has been running for 2 days and no trades were conducted so its productivity cannot be measured very well. The program itself is very easy to use and you can have multiple accounts which is what many people who have had success want to do. An additional fee is charged for adding accounts. Pip Brains works in a complex way that has been programmed into it so you can’t specify what type of program it is exactly. Many people also like that the strategy is integrated into the coding which relieves you of the responsibility of identifying parameters you wish to pick and choose from.

A third highly ranked expert agent is Forex Hacked. The number of trades that it has conducted is the highest number of any of the others at 196 in a mere 13 days. It makes a profit over half the time at 65.31% and the profit average is $12.59 while the loss is $14.73, not too much of a difference. It has gained $606.02 in the time that it has been used. This is a decent amount of money to earn in only 2 weeks and it makes the return 60.6% of the original investment. It is something that you should definitely consider using if you’re trying your hand with expert agents.

Source by Robert Melkonyan

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