Truth Behind Internet Marketing – Why There Are No Suits, Fancy Cars Or Big House In My Episodes? – Learn digital marketing and internet marketing, visit the Official Patric Chan Website.

Hi, Patric here, welcome to my official YouTube channel.

So, why my videos are not “properly” made to impress viewers with hypes, like those you’ve seen with amazing effects?

Why I don’t “dressed up” or show-off fancy cars, big house and lifestyle travels for my videos? Unless, I happened to be dressed-up for speaking or on vacations when I was recording an episode. 🙂

Why my videos are not even properly shot in some fancy office, building or green screen background, like you’ve seen on other channels?

I’ll explain in my video, but here’s the summary:

1. I’m doing something that my students can model

2. It don’t like hype and “showing off” is simply not my personality

3. I like to attract a “different” kind of audience who are more impressed with authenticity and the having freedom (rather than just fancy cars or big houses)

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