Webinar Handbook: Use GoToWebinar and PowerPoint to Increase Your Online Sales, Fill Your Membership Site with Members and Make More Passive Income in Less Time

Price: $0.99
(as of May 31,2021 06:25:16 UTC – Details)

Discover how to use webinars in your online business using GoToWebinar. You’ll discover:

– pitch webinars (making money from webinars)
– PowerPoint secrets
– webinar landing pages
– how to get attendees
– how to record your webinar and post your replay
– how to joint venture with other people for increased traffic and sales
– how to run a high ticket webinar class

Go ahead right now and get the Webinar Handbook to improve your existing webinars, or even if you’ve never run a webinar before and you want to hit the ground running.

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