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A Mix of 50 Christmas childrens stories, dominated by fairy tale type stories, realistic situation stories and fantasy (each story is between 850 and 1300 words) and all with COMPLETE PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS!

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Sounds good? Here is the Stories Topics Index:

  Ethic, Moral Or Spiritual Value Story Title
1. Honor Your Mother And Father Daddy The Superhero
2. Thou Shalt Not Kill Sharks
3. Evangelism The Window In Time
4. Lying Hurts Others Bad Imaginary Friend
5. Gossip The Rumor With Furry Feet
6. Good Friends, Avoiding Bad Influences Fat Wally And The Piggies
7. The Humility Of Christ What’s The Deal With Bruno?
8. Selfishness The Prince Of Thieves
9. Envy Horace The Hippo
10. The Love Of God The Broken Angel
11. Peace Willie The Billy Goat
12. Forgiveness Dorothy And The Dolphin
13. Christmas Stanley The Snowman
14. Hanukah What The Drummer Boy Didn’t Know.
15. Blessed Are The Poor Baby Polar Bears
16. Missions Rubik’s Cube
17. Respect Authority A Raven Named Marvin
18. Finding God’s Will For Your Life My Cat Thinks She Is President
19. Joy The Happy Pony
20. Obedience The Three Hobbits
21. Resisting Temptation Belinda And The Tempest
22. Spiritual Gifts The Good Talker
23. Patience The Brand New Wizard
24. Serving Jesus Misty Mountain
25. Kindness Chucky The Ducky
26. Angels The Angel Child
27. Abraham And His Son. Abe And Zack
28. Satan’s Desire To Hurt Our Relationships With Each Other Screwtape Likes It That Way
29. Meeting God Charlie Wont Go
30. The Faithfulness Of God To His People Nobody Asks The Donkey
31. God’s Nature If I Were God
32. Creation And The Fall What Odd Creatures God Made.
33. The Love Of God Love In A Bottle
34. Heaven Discovering Heaven
35. The Lost The Beggar Prince
36. Easter Easter In The Garden
37. Reconciliation A Bad Dream
38. Blessed Are The Merciful The Great Tiger
39. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, All The Little Lemurs
40. Blessed Are The Peacemakers, Eagles And Bears
41. Blessed Are Those Who Have Been Persecuted The Joy Of Stephen
42. Love Your Enemies Loving Bullies
43. Worship What Does God Like
44. The Sabbath Day A Trip On A Comet
45. Foul Language Grieves God. A Swear Word In Heaven
46. We Should Have No Other Gods Before The True God Smudge And Snuggles Find A Statue
47. What Is God’s Name? Merlin’s Magic Words
48. Thou Shalt Not Steal Is It Sin If You Didn’t Know?
49. What Is Idolatry And Why Is It Bad? Cartoon Dreams
50. The Story Of The Fall The Good Little Snake

Big Book of Christmas Tales

But Wait !

Act Now and Receive Absolutely Free another
including 35 Christmas tales and stories with complete Private Label rights! (comes both as .doc & .pdf files)

  • Christmas at Fezziwig’s Warehouse – Charles Dickens
  • The Fir-Tree – Hans Christian Andersen
  • The Christmas Masquerade – Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • The Shepherds and the Angels – Adapted from the Bills
  • The Telltale Tile – Olive Thorne Miller
  • Little Girl’s Christmas – By Winnifred E. Lincoln
  • A Christmas Matinee – M.A.L. Lane
  • Toinette and the Elves – Susan Coolidge
  • The Voyage of the Wee Red Cap. By Ruth Sawyer Durand
  • A Story of the Christ-Child (a German Legend for Christmas Eve) – Elizabeth Harrison
  • Jimmy Scarecrow’s Christmas – Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • Why the Chimes Rang – Raymond McAlden
  • The Birds’Christmas (founded on fact) – F.E. Mann
  • The Little Sister’s Vacation – Winifred M. Kirkland
  • Little Wolff’s Wooden Shoes – Francois Coppee, adapted and translated by Alma J. Foster
  • Christmas in the Alley – Olive Thorne Miller
  • A Christmas Star – Katherine Pyle
  • The Queerest Christmas – Grace Margaret Gallaher
  • Old Father Christmas – J.H. Ewing
  • A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens
  • How Christmas Came to the Santa Maria Flats – Elia W. Peattie
  • The Legend of Babouscka – From the Russian Folk Tale
  • Christmas in the Barn – F. Arnstein
  • The Philanthropist’s Christmas – James Weber Linn
  • The First Christmas-Tree – Lucy Wheelock
  • The First New England Christmas – G.L. Stone and M.G. Fickett
  • The Cratchits’ Christmas Dinner – Charles Dickens
  • Christmas in Seventeen Seventy-Six – Anne Hollingsworth Wharton
  • Christmas Under the Snow – Olive Thorne Miller
  • Mr. Bluff’s Experience of Holidays – Oliver Bell Bunce
  • Master Sandy’s Snapdragon – Elbridge S. Brooks
  • A Christmas Fairy – John Strange Winter
  • The Greatest of These – Joseph Mills Hanson
  • Little Gretchen and the Wooden Shoe – Elizabeth Harrison
  • Big Rattle – Theodore Goodridge Roberts

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