Why Ecommerce Is Changing: The Consolidation 2.0


A couple of years ago Amazon was in this open Wild West period… during this time “idiots got rich” you could just throw up anything you wanted, and take sales and make a killing.

Now, things are changing, again…

There have been a bunch of changes in the physical products world that have some people frustrated.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’ve come up with some actionable advice you can take when rethinking your
ecommerce strategy.

The old way of selling online is over. Amazon has gotten hawkish about what you can do on the platform. Some of this is great, such as banning a number of black-hat strategies. Some of this is not so great, such as making it harder to market to your audience.

Is there still opportunity? Yes. I think there is more than ever.

Are all the good markets taken? No!

Are there any lucrative, high-profit margin niches out there? Absolutely.

To learn more listen to my new podcast on Freedom Fast Lane, here:

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