Why You Should Be Tracking And Testing Your Ads To Maximize YOUR Return on Ivestment

First tracking your ads.

This is a simple way of knowing which ads are working and those that are not. By placing a tracking code on the end of your destination URL you know the location of the ad and which ad it is you should be tracking every ad whether it is paid or free. Banners, pay per click ads, solo and even the free classifieds ads.

What are tracking codes?

It is a code that you place at the end of the destination URL of your ad that identifies that particular ad and where it was placed.

How do you use them?

If for example you placed an ad or banner on yahoo under home business. The tracking code could be /?t=yahoohb. The code is added after the.com or.net You can be as specific as you need to be with the code. To keep track of all your codes you can keep a record of them in places like excel or Google docs. You can also log the number of clicks on each ad, leads generated and sales. This will help you in calculating your conversion rates.

How do they help?

Tracking codes give you some valuable information. They tell you where your leads are coming from. If you are advertising in a lot of different ad networks or blogs without tracking you have no idea which ad is generating leads. You certainly need to know which ads to extend and the ones to stop

What will I learn from them?

You will know which campaigns are the most successful. The best return on investment (ROI). You also will be able to identify any problems in your funnel. For instance your ad or banner is getting a lot of clicks but no leads. The problem is most likely with your landing page. It may be as simple as the lack of congruence from the message in your ad to the landing page.

What else can you track?

Conversion rates. Depending on what you are interested in the number of clicks to leads or leads to sales.

Second testing your ad copy

You want to be testing your ad or banner copy. This is when split testing becomes important. You place two ads at the same time that are almost identical except for one word in your ad copy. It could be just changing one word in your headline. Run them at the same time and see which one out performs the other. Test your ad copy until you get the desired conversion rate you are happy with. You can you use Google website optimizer tool which is free for split testing.

Tracking allows you to see a problem in either your ad or landing page and split testing gives you the solution to the problem.

Some tracking tools you can use are:

Tracking and testing is an important component in any form of advertising you do. As a business owner you need to what is working and what is not in your advertising. You need to know your conversion rate and your return on investment.

Source by Veda Horner

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