Women On Top: Women, Wealth & Social Change

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Want to make a BIG difference in the world with your money?

Today’s women control an unprecedented amount of wealth, making now the time to leverage those dollars to propel the changes you want to see in the world. Looking beyond traditional philanthropy and political activism, discover the powerful role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing.

In Women On Top: Women, Wealth & Social Change, Haleh Moddasser, shares her personal stories and professional expertise as both a Boomer woman and an accomplished wealth management adviser to layout a convincing argument for ESG. Her insights resonate with women of means who long for a way to truly make a BIG difference in this world. 

Don’t let the old stereotypes, old ways of thinking, the challenges of being a mom, and fears of financial insecurity, keep you from embracing your unprecedented wealth and power.  

Isn’t it time you used your wealth to make a difference in the world?  


"Haleh Moddasser has discovered something the rest of the wealth management world missed: wealthy women investors want their investment dollars to change the world. Now with “Women on Top" she has the research to back up her discovery that women will use investing to demand change." – Tracey Longo, Washington Editor, Financial Advisor Magazine

“As Haleh points out in this joyous book of seizing the power of the money we have, we can finally use our wealth to make a BIG difference in this world. Through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing, we can go beyond the usual roles of volunteerism, political activism and charitable donations to a more powerful role of investing in companies whose corporate cultures are reflective of the values we share.” – Lynn S. Evans, CFP®, Author of Power of the Purse

Here’s some of what you will discover in Women on Top:

  • What values-based investing is and how it is a highly effective way to create powerful social change.
  • Ways you can use your investments to do good, while continuing to do well for yourself and your family.
  • Why women are better investors than men and how to leverage that innate talent.

You no longer have to wait for political gridlock to end and hope that more women gain leadership positions (though gaining this type of power is also on our agendas) or sit back and hope that nonprofits doing amazing work will get the funding they need to bring about the kind of social change we want. You now have a third way to propel social change.  It’s called ESG investing and it’s the central topic of this book.

If you are fed up with watching politicians and leaders in D.C. fail to bring about change – if you feel like your money could be doing good in the world, then this book is for you.  

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