Work From Home, Making More Money In Half The Time: The Guide To Jobs That Can Be Done From Anywhere: Real Ways To Make Money From Home

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As many have discovered during the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home certainly has its perks. From the easy (non)commute to your computer to the extra time you can spend with your family and pets to the benefits of customizing your environment to your own personal needs, many are continuing to enjoy the work-from-home lifestyle. But it also comes with its challenges. How do you avoid distractions around your home? How can you remain as productive as you are in the office?

If you’ve ever dreamed of working from home, making 6 figures online, this book will teach you the exact steps to start an online business and make money at home.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover in this book:

– The three barriers to wealth.
– How to create a 6-figure income using your talents and skills.
– The Art of Skill-Stacking which is the fastest path to a 6-figure income.
– How to avoid the biggest mistakes most Wanna-Preneurs make.
– Why going for the low-hanging fruit will keep you broke and what to do instead.
– How to test drive your ideas before you make huge investments of time and money.
– And the 6-Figure Blueprint proven system that the author uses in her own 6-figure online business.

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