Work Hard Dream Big Never Give Up: Self -Discipline for Entrepreneurs

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Just this morning, you left home with happiness expecting to have a great day at work. But on getting there, you are soon encroached in busy and hectic pressure that is usually associated with work. Preparing to get home after a tedious day, your boss summoned you and before you knew what was happening, you were served with a sacked letter.

Maybe, you graduated from school years back and ever since then have not got any meaningful employment and you keep asking yourself why…

Or a few months ago, you were comfortable, satisfied about life and it all happened like in a dream… your source of income cut off and maybe your benefactors left you dejected and stranded. You are here you are left confused; back to square one.

What about love? May be your loved one has finally deserted you and you don’t know where to pick it from, having built the relationship for years.

Your world just crashed and there is nobody to help you. All hell is let loosed and it seems your world is coming to a halt. You are perplexed, confused and sad. All left for you now is nothing and you just wish to die.

These and many more are the experiences of people at one time or the other in their lives. It could not be averted. These are the challenges of life that you need to face. It sure has to happen and if you can’t weather the storms; either you are maimed forever or it kills you with a broken heart. Life is a mystery and it’s never fair. Life is cruel and yet no one wants to die. Life looks good when you are trolling on the good side of life; you really want to continue forever.

I want you to understand one thing, upon all these bad experiences, there is always a way out. If you can look at you, you can come out of any situation in life and make something out of your life. Remember, that it is only when gold is passed through the fire that it real beauty show forth.

Improvise is an eye-opener to the world of possibilities that exist if you are really to come out of your comfort zone. Discover who you are, then take a bold step and move into greater possibilities.

This book will help you to discover where opportunities lie, how to create channels of income, adapt to challenges in the days of adversity, and also how to bring out the best from your passion and skills into passive income.

Improvise is rich with a goldmine of information just customized for your breakthrough and success.

These Habits and Exercises Will Help You Build Iron-Like Resolve and Self-Discipline

Do you make goals, yet get discouraged when your plans don’t work? We all know that person who seemingly was born to succeed. Fitness, health, business, they achieve all their goals. You want that success, and know you can get it… but how?

Everywhere you turn, there are obstacles that block your path. Being successful doesn’t mean avoiding them, it means meeting those obstacles head-on and pushing through. You need the self-discipline and willpower to see you through to the end. You need the tools that will enable you to have that self-discipline and willpower. Daily Self-Discipline has those tools.

Inside, you’ll learn methods to:

– develop powerful self-discipline by building a fit body and mind,

– thrive in face of adversity, cravings, temptations and discomfort and feel good about it,

– develop key self-awareness skills to push yourself through to your goal,

– gain a clear vision of how self-discipline works that will inspire you to carry on no matter what,

– keep pushing when nothing seems to work and you’re on the verge of giving up.

Each page of this book is designed to help you build the self-discipline that leads to the resiliency and mental strength you need on a daily basis. Simple everyday exercises and habit-forming practices will teach you the skills you need to overcome obstacles and have confidence in yourself and your path to success.


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