WorkoutLabs Yoga Cards I & II – Complete Set: Professional Study, Class Sequencing & Practice Guide · Plastic Sanskrit Yoga Flash Cards / Yoga Deck for Women and Men

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WorkoutLabs Yoga CardsWorkoutLabs Yoga Cards

Enjoy All of Yoga’s Benefits at Home



Yoga sequencing cards for at home practice

Yoga sequencing cards for at home practice

Learn Yoga Sanskrit with Yoga Cards by WorkoutLabs

Learn Yoga Sanskrit with Yoga Cards by WorkoutLabs

At home yoga practice

At home yoga practice

Created with students and practitioners of all ages in mind, the Yoga Cards Set will help you take your practice from novice to a confident yogi, enjoying all of the wonderful benefits yoga has to offer.

Learn yoga and advance your practice in the safety of your own space. The Yoga Cards allow you to get extra practice outside of the yoga studio and learn and perfect the poses on your own.

Our Yoga Cards are used by teacher training students around the world to learn the asanas, their Sanskrit names, proper form and medical warnings. The cards are also excellent for sequencing classes.

Avoid the stress of keeping up at a yoga class and take the time you need to properly align yourself for each pose and get its full benefits, anytime anywhere you decide to practice!

Workout labsWorkout labs



Beginner & Intermediate



Beginner & Pros

Suitable for men & women

Number of Poses / Exercises

97 Beginner & Intermediate poses

47 Beginner poses

50 Intermediate poses

60 Exercises and 12 No Equipment Routines

Premium water and bend-proof plastic cards

Extra features

Sequencing guide & Template

Meditation guide & Sequence template

Sequencing guide & Template

24-page booklet with simple instructions, 10 practical health and fitness tips

OWN THE FULL YOGA CARDS SUITE – 97 of yoga’s essential poses, 6 breathing exercises, 11 guided yoga basics beginners and intermediate sequences and 2 Sun Salutations.
IDEAL FOR TEACHER TRAINING – Pick the yoga flash cards used by Yoga Alliance teachers and students to study asanas, learn their Sanskrit names and practice yoga sequencing for classes.
ACCURATE & CORRECT – Yoga flash cards with poses and sanskrit names have professionally illustrated traditional asanas with alignment cues and written instructions, pose benefits, modifications and warnings
LARGE, CONVENIENT & DURABLE – High quality waterproof plastic 5″ x 3.5″ yoga pose cards you can use anywhere, in a more portable format compared with a yoga poses book, yoga poster or yoga flow chart.
BUY THE ORIGINAL FOR YOUR YOGA TOOLBOX – Avoid imitation yoga deck products that contain incorrect information and hazardous yoga poses cards instructions

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