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Most of the world’s independent nations are less than 70 years old. Africa alone has seen the birth of 51 new countries since the 1950s, and the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 gave rise to 15 more. This unique collection features a number of first issues from some of these new countries, many of which feature portraits of national heroes. Some of the banknotes in this collection remain legal tender. Others have been “demonetized”—made obsolete by the nation that printed them. The main reason banknotes become demonetized is because of radical change: war, revolution, rampant inflation, foreign invasion, economic collapse. Thus the quality of the banknotes varies considerably. Some notes show high denominations—evidence of economic problems like inflation. Others printed under the duress of war, were made in such low quality that some have likened them to “Monopoly Money.” In Iraq during the first Gulf War in the early 90s, for example, hastily-printed emergency issues marred by “dull lithographic printing” and a “faint indelible ink watermark,” as noted by Krause’s Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, were of such notoriously low quality that citizens refused to accept them as currency! Indeed, you can tell a lot about a country’s financial condition from its banknotes. Rich countries typically make larger, fancier banknotes with good quality paper, printed on high pressure intaglio presses with steel plates that impart raised portions to the surfaces that can be felt. In times of peace and prosperity, a country typically has the time and resources to design good quality banknotes that are brimming with anti-counterfeiting security features. Countries with fewer resources that need to quickly put out new money frequently resort to issuing smaller notes with simple designs, offset-printed on cheap paper, with security features either very limited, or else entirely absent.

Collection of 100 different banknotes from around the World, none of them repeated. Great variety of colors, sizes and facial values.
Selection made by our numismatic experts, who travel around several countries and specialized fairs in search of new banknotes.
All banknotes are original and authentic, which come with a certificate of authenticity issued by a member of the American Numismatic Association (#R-164636)
The notes have been carefully selected, which are of very good quality and uncirculated condition.
A great way to start collecting foreign currency, and the perfect gift for collectors. Discover our wide range of items by clicking on our brand name ”IMPACTO COLECCIONABLES” just below the title.

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