yijiang New Ancestor Money 80pcs/Set Ancestor Money Heaven Hell Bank Notes Dollar USD Joss Paper Ghost Money Paper Money Honoring Ancestors 15×7.5cm

Price: $13.00
(as of Apr 06,2021 00:18:44 UTC – Details)


Size: 15×7.5 cm

Quantity: 80Pcs

Appropriate for funerals, ancestor birthdays and holidays like the Qingming Festival and the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Good sheets of paper, green paper, full combustion.

Package Included:
80 sheets of Ancestor money

Note: the product is a mix of any denomination
Ancestor money joss paper heaven bank notes´╝îChinese heaven hell money notes
Material: ancestor money made of high quality paper, smooth on both sides, are colorful and good quality. Very easy to burn completely. Sometimes ashes and smoke fly slowly, which means that your ancestor responded to you and he received your blessings and prayers.
In today’s modern world, caring for ancestors in the afterlife is a poignant way to pay respect for one’s elders and departed family members.
It’s a tool that allows us to take care of our ancestors, in return, they take care of us. It is natural for people to look out for others that have their best interest. Bring your good luck. Giving offerings and ancestor money makes you someone that the ancestors look at as a CARETAKER….therefore, they’ll take TAKE CARE of you! All from burning Joss paper to my ancestors. What you do for the ancestors, you do for yourself.
All Ancestor Money is personally blessed and has extra energy! Also, stored in altar space for even more power! We have literally shipped these dollars around the world. Many people have benefited from this practice and you can, too.

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