Your Voice Is Golden: The Ultimate Guide to Earning an Income from Home as a Voice Over Artist

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Would you like to use your amazing voice to generate an income for you while in the comfort of your home?

Individuals may consider a career as a voice-over artist for a lot of reasons. The reasons may be as simple as working comfortably in their own home studio without having to worry about a dress code and developing creative and interesting projects that make them feel view their job is more as play than work. Working as a voice over artist can truly give you a sense of pride for the things that you can accomplish without worrying about bosses who breathe down your neck as you work.

If you suspect or know that you have been blessed with the gift of a remarkable voice, you can actually gain satisfaction and recognition by sharing that blessing with other people as a voice over artist. You do not even have to quit your day job to pursue this promising career. You can start building your career on a part-time basis as you build your reputation and your own client base.

This book will help you gain an understanding on how you can take advantage of the ever increasing demand for announcements, cartoon characters, commercials and other voice over acting spots. You will see the great potential in supplementing your income while you work from home as a voice over artist. You will also learn the importance of passion, determination and persistence in building a truly viable career in the industry and how you can set the right price for your service even as a newbie or a beginner voice actor. You will learn how to create your own rate sheet so you can give the right price quotation to your prospective clients for specific projects. You will also gain better insights to the top three voice over websites (,, and that can help in opening doors for you in the voice over acting industry. If you have always wanted to become a voice over artist, you definitely need this book!

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