Zero to 8 Figures Using and Direct Response

There has NEVER been a better time to sell on Amazon…
IF you know the right strategies.

This isn’t the age of sourcing a bunch of cheap products overseas, simply giving out a bunch of free product, and racing for reviews with a “me-too” commodity product.

In this talk at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2018 #TCS2018 in San Diego I talk about how to build a REAL brand that is SELLABLE.

Creating a company that old money would like to buy from you for a big exit some day.

This is what my mastermind group The Backroom is geared towards… big paydays in excess of $10 Million.

By the way, if you can’t read the whiteboard, this is the basic outline of growing a real physical products brand.
1. Differentiation/Brand (Top)
2. Audience (Middle)
3. Products 3-5 Products x 30/day (Base)

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