Zest 4 Bedwetting Alarm (Enuresis Alarm) with 8 Tones and Strong Vibration to Stop Bedwetting in Boys, Girls and Deep Sleepers, Green

Price: $40.00 - $34.99
(as of Jun 11,2021 13:31:39 UTC – Details)

Full Featured Bedwetting Alarm Zest is perfect for bedwetting children and teenagers who wet the bed at night. It comes with awesome features like 8 alert tones and three operations modes – sound and vibration, sound only and vibration only (discreet modes for camps and sleepovers). The different alert tones are to suit the user’s preference and let the child not get used to the same tone. Zest bedwetting alarms are an ideal bedwetting solution to help wake up the bedwetter upon detecting the first drop of urine. Innovative Strong Hold Sensor The important component of the Zest bedwetting alarm is the reliable strong hold sensor that grips the underwear with a tight hold and will not come out at night even when children move a lot in the bed. The sensor has a large urine detection area that detects the first drop of urine immediately so you never have to worry about missing a bedwetting event. Save money on laundry detergents and washing big loads of sheets by purchasing this budget friendly microprocessor controlled alarm. Zest is a bedwetting alarm for boys and girls to stop bedwetting without medication and promote confidence. Easy Alarm Set Up Put the zest incontinence alarm on pajama top and run the cord under t-shirt. Attach the sensor to the outside of the child’s undergarment at the point where the drop of urine (or pee) will fall first so each bedwetting accident is detected. Troubleshooting With lever open, rinse sensor under tap water for 2-3 seconds. Shake sensor to remove excess water. Every week, use a compact cleaning brush (provided in the box), warm water and liquid soap to gently scrub the inside of the sensor and remove urine residue; rinse under tap water for 5 seconds till soap is removed. Wipe inside of sensor with an absorbent cloth and completely dry prior to use.

CREATIVE DESIGN WEARABLE ALARM – Designed for deep sleeper Zest enuresis alarm comes with 8 alert variable tones, strong vibrations and bright light to wake up the user when there is a bed-wetting accident.
UNISEX STRONG HOLD SENSOR – Zest is an ideal bed wetting alarm for kids and teens. It fits well on both boys and girls and has a large urine detection area that detects the first drop of urine so you never miss a bedwetting accident again.
EASY TO USE AND COMFORTABLE – Ultra small, compact and lightweight; this 1 oz. alarm is easy to set up and use by child himself at night or whenever they are travelling. Complete success usually takes just 4 to 12 weeks.
ENSURES SAFETY – Microprocessor controlled bedwetting alarm with advanced safety algorithms is FDA registered and CE certified comes with One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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